eGirls and eQuality Host South Korean Delegation!

IMG_1647Co-leaders of The eGirls Project and The eQuality Project, Professors Jane Bailey (uOttawa Faculty of Law) and Valerie Steeves (uOttawa Dept of Criminology), met with a delegation of seven officials from South Korea to discuss the issues of online hate propaganda and cyberbullying.  The meeting took place in the Faculty of Law’s Human Rights Research and Education Centre and included involvement from the Centre’s Director John Packer and Assistant Director Viviana Fernandez.

The Korean delegation included representatives from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, the Korean Ministry of Justice and the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea.  The discussion was enriched by the participation of other eQuality Project members Leslie Regan Shade (eQuality Project co-investigator), Sarah Heath (eQuality Project manager) and Dillon Black of the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (an eQuality Project partner organization).

Building on the findings from The eGirls Project,
The eQuality Project is investigating youth perspectives of privacy, equality, online harassment and “cyberbullying”, including the impact that online behavioural targeting of youth may have on these kinds of behaviours.