Chapter 15: Transformative works: Young women’s voices on fandom and fair use – Betsy Rosenblatt and Rebecca Tushnet


Rosenblatt and Tushnet’s illustrate how digitally literate young women can use digital skills for their own purposes, to express themselves and to push back against constraining stereotypes. They analyse the experiences of young women who create fanworks, i.e. fictional works that remix characters from poplar culture to create new narratives, and conclude that remix culture provides a unique opportunity for girls and young women to develop selfhood, emotional maturity and professional skills. Unlike commercial works, where female producers are underrepresented, fandom works are dominated by girls and young women who are otherwise marginalized in mainstream storylines. Existing copyright laws, which permit the creation of new, non-commercial works that incorporate elements of copyrighted materials, provide a space for girls to insert their own stories and create and consume works about people who look, act and feel like them.