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Trevor Milford joins Québec Launch of Media Literacy Week

When we think about literacy, we often think about schools and teachers. But what about Media Literacy? Last week, MediaSmarts teamed up with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) to present the seventh annual Media Literacy Week. To launch the event in Québec, Montréal’s Laurier Macdonald High School hosted a panel discussion on November 5th, about Online Privacy. The discussion was broadcast live to students at 33 schools across the province. Following opening remarks by Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, eGirls’ very own Trevor Milford – University of Ottawa student researcher extraordinaire – was among the panelists. Along with Daphne Guerrero from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and Colin McKay from Google Canada, Trevor shared his experience and expertise, and fielded some very insightful questions from students. Covering topics ranging from privacy settings to cyber-bulling, the students proved to be media savvy and in tune to the challenges of navigating the public/private divide online. And the best news is, you can watch the discussion too!